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* The images in this website are a sample of our work. The name of the projects/clients has been removed for confidentiality purposes. 

RFID for Asset Tracking in AEC.
Services Provided - RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system is a non-contact tracking technology, which can locate tagged components from a

distance. Its ability to read multiple tagged items simultaneously makes the shipping and inventory recording processes on-site much more efficient.


While RFID technology is widely used in retail and manufacturing, the building industry is still behind. Some of the challenges preventing these type of businesses from adopting RFID technologies are: 


  • Low scanning ranges of maximum 10m which can vary from 0.5m to 7m depending on: tag location, the material of tagged component, and signal interference from other components. ​

  • Signal interference caused by metal reflection. 

  • Post-processing activities and their effect on RFID tags (e.g.extreme temperatures).

  • Lack of adequate inventory systems that link physical components with virtual models.

Most of the challenges above can be addressed and overcome. Currently, most of the CAD software packages offer tools that assist with QR/RFID tracking as part of the platform for BIM coordination. However, no many users take advantage of this benefit.

We offer professional advice for the implementation of RFID tracking systems in challenging industries such as building and construction. 

For more information access the link below:

  • Option Studies (provide recommendations of the most adequate tracking systems for businesses)

  • Pilot tests (based on Options Study)

  • Association/Link with the CAD platform in use.

  • Support and advice in the selection of suitable hardware (scanners, RFID tags, labels) and software (mobile and web app) required to implement the tracking system. 

  • Design of the mobile-app and web-app to link the business process with the tracking system selected. (Development is completed by a third party)

  • ​​Implementation of the selected tracking system (tests, operating manuals, implementation plans, training.

For more information access the link below:

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